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This book explores the lives of prominent expatriates working in varying fi elds and
aims to understand why they were drawn to Indonesia and examines their diverse, but
valuable contributions to Indonesia and its way of life. In doing so, it will facilitate a
better understanding for readers in the East and the West regarding the contributions
of prominent expatriates to Indonesia and their feelings towards a country which in
many cases, may have become their “home.”
Dragonfl ies which have been described as fantastic fl yers, darting, twisting, turning
and transforming, are just like expatriates who have contributed to Indonesia in a
variety of fi elds. Like dragonfl ies, they are also reminders that we can refl ect light
in powerful ways.  ey contribute to others by helping them to see through their
misinterpreted illusions and allowing their own light to shine in a new vision, like
academics, artists, writers or entrepreneurs.


ISBN 9786020319971
Halaman 210
Format Paperback
Publish Date 24 Agustus 2015
Publisher Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Ukuran 15 x 23

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