Living Sacrifice (English Edition)Living Sacrifice (English Edition)

Penulis/Pengarang: Alberthiene Endah (Author)


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What Tahir did is a great dedication. The world is entering a golden age of
philanthropy. I think it’s human nature to want to help people who are suffering—
when you can see the suffering. Technology is making it easier to see people who are
struggling, whether they live in your own community or halfway around the world.
That’s one reason why generosity is growing. Whether it is through volunteering time
or giving money, people recognize their role as global citizens and see that they have
many ways of helping others.

Bill Gates

Tycoons have important roles to play in contributing to the creation of sound,
pleasant, dynamical national productivity with positive energy. There must be
strong motivation to dedicate themselves to Indonesia instead of concentrating
merely on their profit. Considering the enormous opportunity enjoyed by our
conglomerate heads and the direct support of the people, it is only appropriate for
the conglomerate heads to be on the front line as part of those accountable for
the Indonesia economy. Preserving economic stability does not solely rest on the
shoulders of the government but also on every one of us.

B.J. Habibie
President of the Republic of Indonesia 1998 –1999

Tahir has this special edge in him that enables him to feel such a personal and basic
issue in our soldiers’ life. He appreciates our soldiers for being fellow human beings
who have concerns for their own families’welfare. It reflects his humanist’s passion.

Retired General Moeldoko
Former Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces 

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