The Junglies Collection 2 - Edisi TTD Bonus Tas dan Hand Puppet

The Junglies Collection 2 - Edisi TTD Bonus Tas dan Hand Puppet

Penulis/Pengarang: Francois Keyser


Kode Produk: 9780620766579
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Periode pre-order tanggal 17-23 Desember 2017.
Buku edisi tandatangan penulis, bonus tas dan hand puppet SELAMA PERSEDIAAN MASIH ADA.
Buku akan tersedia tanggal 2 Januari 2018.

In the first story in this book, "The Junglies haunt a Castle", the friends find a acstle and decide to explore it. They soon find themselves being haunted. But who is doing the haunting? This story teaches children that they should always seek the help of an adult or their parents when they want to do something which may be dangerous. In the second story, "The Visitor", a dangerous visitor has come to the jungle. It seems he has eaten Abbit the rabbit! When Raff the giraffe finds out he has to warn the other friends. Will he be in time or will the visitor get Raff first? This story teaches children about moulting / shedding of animals and that we should not judge a book by it's cover. The Junglies stories are a great platform to introduce children to endangered species as each animal represented by a character has at least one subspecies which is endangered.

The stories are also good to introduce "Unity in Diversity" to children as the animals are best friends despite being different. This is also supported by the animals relationship with their game warden friend, "Jungle Man". The Junglies were inspired by the author's eldest daughter and her soft toy tiger, "Aga".


ISBN                  9780620766579
Dimensi             20,5 cm x 20,5 cm
Bahasa              Inggris
Tanggal terbit    Desember 2017
Halaman           76, full colour

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