After the Funera

Penulis/Pengarang: Agatha Christie

Penerbit: Harper Collins

Kode Produk: 9780061739910
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It is commonly thought that after death and burial the remains of an individual are left to rest in peace -- but history reveals that in many instances this has most definitely not been the case. Demonstrating this, After the Funeral follows the postmortem exploits of the bodies--or parts of bodies -- of thirty-five famous and infamous people. Graced with thirty-two illustrations, a bibliography, and an index, After the Funeral picks up where conventional biographies leave off -- and probes the bizarre, ghastly, surprising, and at times ridiculous circumstances that befall many of the well known after they were laid to rest. 
Publisher : Harper Collins
ISBN : 9780061739910
Publish Date : Apr 11, 2014

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